1. notes on videogames

    1. Polish is a concession.
    3. Games serve play, not the other way around.
    4. Play is not enough. Play that happens on our own, in private, is especially not enough.
    5. Digital games are the media of rationalization par excellence. Technologies are not neutral.
    6. Counternormative games probably will not look like videogames.
    7. Nobody who is a programmer can be the Kurt Cobain of videogames.


  3. cathyboy:


    It would be really rad to do a couple of commissions right now, I need to fluff-up my PayPal account for con expenses. Original watercolors from me, reasonably priced!

    Also, there is always the stuff in my store: http://cathyboy.storenvy.com

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    Okay so I have a LOT of stuff taking up space in my room! I want to try doing ~*mystery art packs*~ so here’s how it works:

    • Send $5 or more to me (fletcher.solomon at gmail)
    • Make sure your address on Paypal is correct! Or send me an email letting me know yr address.
    • I’ll pack an envelope with stickers, prints, minis, books, original art, pins, crystals, etc! Anything pictured here is up for grabs plus more.
    • The more you pay the more stuff I’ll put in your package!

    I’m going to keep this going until I run out of stuff to give out~

    reblogging because I found even more good stuff to put in the packs!

    still have lots of stuff! I keep finding more as I unpack stuff from storage~

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  7. going-to-faerie-see-ya-never:



    Shut up. I needed a kitten stealing a pancake on my blog.

    Honestly, if you don’t need a kitten stealing a pancake on your blog, it had better be because you already have a kitten stealing a pancake on your blog.

    Now I want pancakes

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  9. solomonfletcher:

    Tattoo design for pinebark! She wanted a deer with Los Campesinos lyrics and the two designs on bottom are what we settled on for the finished piece! 

    This design is for Merritt’s tattoo and her use ONLY. Please do not use it for icons, banners, etc or have it tattooed on yourself.


  10. "

    I heard about that about four months ago. That intersectionality was being used as an adjective or a noun – a kind of feminist. It’s interesting. I’ve never called myself an intersectional feminist. I’m a black feminist that does intersectional work. I don’t have a strong sense one way or the other about how people self-identify…

    … I tend to focus more on what is the praxis. Can you tell the difference from an intersectional feminist project or organisation from one that is not, by the scope of the things that are done, by the analysis that looks at gender in relation to other systems of power and privilege?

    … But the end of that can’t simply be ‘ok, yay, it’s all on a banner’. It’s about what is enacted under it.”

    — Kimberlé Crenshaw in interview with Reni Eddo-Lodge (via radtransfem)

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